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I never realized how detailed I tried to make my entries about my seizures. Or how depressed it made me. It's been five years since I got Gardasil and I haven't had a seizure in 3 or 4. I'm still in the same medication but a 24 hour release kind now. But instead of seizures I now suffer from chronic migraines like 4 days a week without the medication. So whatever, it sucks but I'll take it over dying like some other people did.

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Cosidering making a new blog on a new website where I can post all my daily gripes. Fingers crossed I'll become a disgusting vulgar comedian hahahaha

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I like looking back and reading my entries and seeing how different I am. Well, I'm not THAT different. But I'm more mature. I dont know.

Random thoughts

I guess I suck for never updating about my super awesome life. Ha. I need to take a shower, so I can go out. I need a new facebook picture. I moved my room all by myself (with monica) the otherday. I have to call my parents, theyre in Aruba. I haven't talked to them in 2 days. I want to see the Lovely Bones.

I remember one time in English my teacher made us write for 5 minutes just about anything. So i just wrote sporadic sentences about anything I could think of. I'm gonna do it. Everyday maybe.

I have to pee, I deank too much soda today. My foot keeps falling asleep. I don't feel like showering but my hair looks like shit. Speaking of my hair I need a haircut. I was looking at old pictures today and I really want to dye my hair dark again but I just paid a lot of money to get my hair dyed this way. soooo maybe not. I hate the song I'm listening too. I can't get my room clean. I need to vaccuum. I REALLY need to pee now. I hate this True Life thats on. I wish I was on True Life probably for like something stupid. I'm having a shitty day I can't belive its 4:31 already I did nothing today. I need to Wii Fit before I go out. I'm a little hungry, but ehhh not too much. Someone messed up the pillows on my bed. I need to turn a light on. Theres garbage that I have to take out. I need to clean my car out! Theres shit everywhere! I should vaccuum it too, maybe I'll do that tomorrow. Hmmm... I don't like the foo fighters. I hate coffee well, maybe not. But it's gross. This lamp on my table is broke I have to fix it. Did I take my pill today? I don't remember. I need a case for my phone, I have to go to the mall tonight. Fuck. I don't want to spend anymore money. Fuck that. Who cares about a phone case. I'll probably buy it anyway and regret it. I have to get my dog washed, and I have to go foodshopping so thats priority I guess. I really should take that shower, and pee. I gotta find something to wear ugh. Fuck. 2 more minutes. What else can I say? I love Beck. I hate you though. I should do one of those things where you write about 10 people. I dont have 10 people to write about though but I have like 2 that I could say some shit about.

Wooooo 5 minutes.

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I have started sucking at this.

I start college in what? 2 weeks? It's like impossible for me to find my books online without help. I'm retarded! My mom is trying to make me do things myself and I feel like I can't. hahaha. I went to this big Ironworkers picnic today with Lance that was pretty fun I guess, I got REALLY  sunburnt it's starting to hurt now.

I'm looking for a new car, mine is starting to fall apart. My dad is looking too, but I need suggestions. He is looking for a car, but I want a small truck/SUV because once it snows he's going to tell me to take my moms truck to school. So, wheres the sense in that? He won't buy me another 'sports' car. He told me I had my fun, hahaha. Short fun - considering I lost my license because of my seizures for like half the time I was supposed to be driving. So hopefully I can find a good car. Maybe I'll google some of them. And, books.

Lance and I went to Cape May last weekend, that was a TON of fun. We had a lot to do, we're thinking about going back Labor Day weekend, depending on my homework.

Idk. Whatever.

Sometimes I get so tired

 I suck at updating.

I had a seizure a couple weeks ago. Number 3, oh boy. Third times a charm I guess. They said it's because I changed my birth control, whatever. It happend when I was sleeping again. My mom said it was only a couple seconds and then I was alright. My boyfriend came over later that day and just hung out with me and made me feel better. But whatever. I'm better now I guess.

That's really theo nly new shit in my life.

I finally found a hotel for prom weekend. Wooooooooooo. I need a dress now, and I need to go get my hair cut sometime soon, that'd be nice.

Applied for a job the otherday, I need one of those too.